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Release schedule and what’s finished.

14 Sep

This is rumour control, here are the facts:-

There are 16 FULL and completed stories of various lengths (from flash upwards) which are ready to be released. These will either be ebook releases for next year or sent to one of the flash publishing sites such as 365 Tomorrows or Linguistic Erosion. I am looking to try sending to new places too.

As for this year, ALL the titles are complete and have been chosen for specific months.

The October release is done but needs a cover.

The November releases, because there are several are all complete but one may still need the ending modified. At it stands, it IS complete but is still subject to editing. One title has a cover, the remaining three still need covers. One is for Armistice Day, the rest are for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

The December release only needs a cover.

There are also 7 titles which have previously been published on Facebook which may be reused here on the blog.

Made the front page!

20 Aug

A new FREE story by me to keep you entertained until my new release next month – Come In Number 13, Your Time Is Up!

Keeping my promise from yesterday

29 Jul
I am extremely pleased to be able to announce that Linguistic Erosion will be printing the story I submitted to them yesterday!

Come In Number 13, Your Time Is Up!

This will appear on their front page on the 20th of next month. If that’s JUST TOO LONG to wait then you can read my other works they already printed at this link

Latest flash short NOW online to read!

7 Apr

The Keepers, Kept | Linguistic Erosion

And my newest flash short “The Keepers, Kept” is UP! (Oh, and currently being reworked into a novellette – possibly)

Totally not a statement of intention, okay?

3 Apr

I’m saying that so people don’t expect me to follow through then get disappointed if or when I can’t manage to complete what I’m thinking about.

Okay, caveat over.

On Sunday Linguistic Erosion will publish “The Keepers, Kept” on their web site.

It’s a short piece of flash fiction that tells a little bit of a story but enough to be understandable.

One of the things people have said about some of my previous shorts were that a few of them could have easily been extended into something more. The more I read over “The Keepers, Kept”, the more I started thinking that about it myself. The story does and can stand alone. But I feel like I can do more with it.

So I’m going to try. I may fail. But I’ll fail having tried. Which is better than never trying.

So far I have outline ideas for 15 specific chapters, each of which I am hoping I can make about 2000 words long or more. Which may well put me at 30,000 words – way more than anything I’ve previously written for one single story.

I’m going to try. I have no set timetable, no set amount of words per day or week or month even.
There’s no finish line as such, if I can answer to myself “have I reached the end of this?” then it’s done.

Wish me luck.
I’m gonna need it.

Nothing happens for ages and then ……….

27 Mar

Received an email today.

My flash story “The Keepers, kept” will be appearing on the front page of the Linguistic Erosion flash story site on April 7th.
I’ll put up a URL when it’s live.

Off to hospital tomorrow, I assume it’s just my pre-op check up to save time on the day of the actual laser surgery.

Fairly sure next months freebie will be “The Time On The Island”, I’ll work on sorting a cover over the Easter weekend.

Right, now I REALLY should type up those “Write Now” notes that have been sitting in the notepad over a month.

And it’s nice to see likes from readers and followers, I am checking out your blogs too even if I’m not leaving any comments. If you take time to read mine and I get an email telling me so then I will at least return the favour and check your blog out.

Remember if you want to read my work just make your way to Smashwords, Feedbooks, Kobo, Itunes, Barnes & Noble (their online site), Diesal, the Sony ereader site or Amazon which is the only place I am currently selling my work.

Everywhere else it’s free and always will be.
There are now over 52 titles available, at least one for every week of the year!


29 Jan

Had my first rejection of the year yesterday from Linguistic Erosions, turning down “First One There Dies”.

Not sure if it was too long, not the right genre or just plain not good enough. The email said it “does not fit with our needs at this time”, whatever that may mean.

I’m fairly certain it’s not due to the amount of material they have available to print otherwise you’d have to wait a lot longer than we currently do (a maximum of about 3 days) to hear if they are printing your submission or not.

My last submissions went from accepted to online in 2 days, 3 days and the same day in that order. Maybe they just don’t want to have people getting sick of my being published a lot.

Anyway, I don’t mind. I know the story is okay (it’s not brilliant but it’s not shyte either) and I’ll get some usage out of it elsewhere further down the line this year most likely.

Just got to put my head up and crack on.

Another flash of success!

24 Jan

Published again by Linguistic Erosion, here:-The Last Mighty One | Linguistic Erosion.

Very happy.  Got another short in to 365 Tomorrows yesterday and am looking at another to LE as I seem to be doing quite well there.

I’d like to thank them for taking the chance on me and a personal thanks to Earl Wynn.

Cheers Earl!

A good start to a new year

19 Jan

Welcome to 2013 and it’s been quite eventful already.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do monthly releases at the start of each month or not but I felt fairly happy having completed the resolution of at least one e-title every month last year so I put this up on 1st Jan.  Smashwords — Letters Home — A book by Ray Daley.

Last year I submitted a flash story to 365 Tomorrow in mid November.  I then got an email back from them on 12th Jan 2013 telling me my story was going to appear on the front page that day.

Here it is!  Return From Red Zone : 365 tomorrows : A New Flash of Science Fiction Every Day.

So I was quite pleased.  So I had a little shufti around and found somewhere else I was curious about sending work to, the folks at Linguistic Erosion.  On the same day I sent them something, got an email back on 14th Jan that they were going to publish it.

And on 16th Jan it went up, here:- The Man Who Was Twelve Bears | Linguistic Erosion.

On the same day I submitted something else to them and late that day they emailed back but I didn’t see it until the following day – they’d accepted that as well!  So today they published me again!

And that’s here :- Ground Zero | Linguistic Erosion.

I’d also like to thank the people at QuasarDragon.  for their support and plugs of some of my work last year.  Thanks very much folks, it’s deeply appreciated.