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Release schedule and what’s finished.

14 Sep

This is rumour control, here are the facts:-

There are 16 FULL and completed stories of various lengths (from flash upwards) which are ready to be released. These will either be ebook releases for next year or sent to one of the flash publishing sites such as 365 Tomorrows or Linguistic Erosion. I am looking to try sending to new places too.

As for this year, ALL the titles are complete and have been chosen for specific months.

The October release is done but needs a cover.

The November releases, because there are several are all complete but one may still need the ending modified. At it stands, it IS complete but is still subject to editing. One title has a cover, the remaining three still need covers. One is for Armistice Day, the rest are for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

The December release only needs a cover.

There are also 7 titles which have previously been published on Facebook which may be reused here on the blog.

Even more recognition? Very nice!

3 Jun

After discovering yesterday that SF Signal had listed me for “Salary Man”, I decided to dig a bit deeper. Previously they’ve also listed me for my online flash short “Return From Red Zone”

and one of my actual ebooks, “The Angry Vagabonds”

Thanks folks!

More recognition, thankyou!

1 Jun

Was having a little look around the SF flash round-up sites & was pleased to discover I got some love from Quasar Dragon (for “Salary Man”) who have been VERY good supporters of my work.

Much love & thanks for the continued support.

New story now online!

28 May

Those lovely folks @ 365tomorrows have got me featured on their front page today!

General Update

30 Apr

Had a good (and short) visit to the Eye Clinic today, Consultant was happy which makes me happy. Back for another check-up in 3 months. Still got another eye related issue (I won’t bore you with the details, it might upset the squeamish) ongoing, I’m back there on Friday for a check-up on that front.

I’ve finalized next months release and made the cover.
It won’t be the only free ebook next month as because it’s very short I will be doing a 2nd release next week as well.

Next month will also see “The Armstrong Moment” appearing on the Linguistic Erosion website (I am aware of the release date but I will give another update closer to the time), I’ve also had another flash piece accepted by 365 Tomorrows. As yet there’s no info on a release date for that.

I’ve written!

23 Apr

Created a flash short this morning and submitted it to 365 Tomorrows so it’ll be early June before I know anything about that ones fate.

I was pretty happy with it despite its shortness. It said everything I wanted it to.

No spoilers on it, sorry.

Currently trying to decide what next months free release ebook will be as there’s plenty to choose from that is already finished.

Grrr? Fuck yes!

9 Mar

Well, after 6 weeks of waiting to hear back from 365 Tomorrows I got a no.

It “may be due to a need for editing, a theme that does not fit within the scope of the site, or the fact that we have recently accepted a story similar to yours”.
I think the last case of affairs as they put up a time travel short a few days back.

I can’t see what was stopping them holding it a few more days then putting it out.
As I’d reached the 6th week of waiting without hearing I was certain they were going to take it. I can’t believe their queue for reading is 6 weeks long, especially as the large percentage of stuff they publish is by the writers who work for them.

No nepotism there at all, is there?

Oh, and if anyone from 365 Tomorrows reads this, please do TRY to defend it.
It’s unreal how much of your own staffs work you put on the site.

I think that’s me on a break for the time being, bit too miffed about 2 rejections.
I can spend more time reading. Currently enjoying “Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom” by Cory Doctorow which is a crapload better than “For The Win” (also by him).


19 Feb

Currently waiting to hear back from 365 Tomorrows about my last flash submission, is it a yes or is it a no.

Trying to decide which of the current finished pieces will be next months freebie release as an ebook. No clue what I am going to set free as of yet. (Possibly “First One There Dies”) Hoping to finish “All The World In Wax” soon but it’s proving to be a bit of a difficult birth.

Still trying to recover from this eye infection which is making life less than easy but I am trying my best to stay on top of things. I just want to get better enough to have my laser surgery.

With my eyes, some days are better than others. There is always pain, I have to live with the fact that’s never going away. It’s just coping with it, some days aren’t that bad.

A good start to a new year

19 Jan

Welcome to 2013 and it’s been quite eventful already.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do monthly releases at the start of each month or not but I felt fairly happy having completed the resolution of at least one e-title every month last year so I put this up on 1st Jan.  Smashwords — Letters Home — A book by Ray Daley.

Last year I submitted a flash story to 365 Tomorrow in mid November.  I then got an email back from them on 12th Jan 2013 telling me my story was going to appear on the front page that day.

Here it is!  Return From Red Zone : 365 tomorrows : A New Flash of Science Fiction Every Day.

So I was quite pleased.  So I had a little shufti around and found somewhere else I was curious about sending work to, the folks at Linguistic Erosion.  On the same day I sent them something, got an email back on 14th Jan that they were going to publish it.

And on 16th Jan it went up, here:- The Man Who Was Twelve Bears | Linguistic Erosion.

On the same day I submitted something else to them and late that day they emailed back but I didn’t see it until the following day – they’d accepted that as well!  So today they published me again!

And that’s here :- Ground Zero | Linguistic Erosion.

I’d also like to thank the people at QuasarDragon.  for their support and plugs of some of my work last year.  Thanks very much folks, it’s deeply appreciated.

What I’m currently up to

23 Sep

Not a great deal, to be honest.

I wrote a piece just under 600 words today which I submitted to the 365 Tomorrows flash story site to see if they would print it (online).  It’s only the second time I’ve tried submitting to any sites.  The first was a rejection.

I’ve also got a story in a competition @Goodreads about witches that was a complete pig to finish as it had to be over 1500 words, a target I really struggled to hit.

Inversely the 600 word limit was hard to stick to for 365 Tomorrows & required a lot of tweaking to bring it in under the maximum.

I think it’s better just to write for yourself and have no limits set out, just write as much or as little as you feel works to tell the story that was in your head.  I’m still working on “The Time On The Island” which I started because I liked the idea but even when I started it I had no real idea where it was going or why.  I do have a rough idea on an ending, it’s a matter of reaching it though.

I would like to try and finish “The Night Bus” and “Panic Over Metropolis” before the end of the year if that’s at all possible.  I do know where both of them are going, Night Bus is literally almost finished.  I’m not exactly sure why I keep pulling away from writing the final parts, they are set in stone in my head and I know how to do them.  It’s just doing them.

“Panic Over Metropolis” requires more development, I have to work out a sequence of crimes that get worse and worse culminating in the ending I pitched when I came up with the original idea.

I would like to start getting all my handwritten notes for all my development ideas typed up so they are ready to go when I get time to work on each one.  Lots to do, it’s finding the motivation.

My last 3 ebooks are all finished for the rest of this years monthly publishing deadlines.