September Submission Challenge Market list

12 Jul

WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE?:- Submit a story every day to a paying market for a month. Or as many stories as you can.
WHAT DO I NEED TO TAKE PART?:-30 finished stories, or as many as the number of days you intend to sub for. Ensure they are A) Finished. B) Spellchecked, proofed, edited, grammar passed & ready to sub.
WHERE ARE THESE MARKETS FROM?:-Chosen & vetted by me, I pick the places I’d like to get my work into, plus they have to be open during Septmber & pay money for stories.
DO I HAVE TO SUB TO THESE MARKETS?:-Of course not, I’ve selected these to make life easier. If you want to sub elsewhere, or to a different palce than I chose for that day, feel free. I’m not your parents.
CAN ANYONE TAKE PART?:-Providing you can follow these simple rules, yes.
RULES:-Before we start, publicly declare you’re in, and how many days you intend to sub for. Do it on social media, make sure to tag me in it @RayDaleyWriter
Then simply post each day where you’ve sent a story to.
Many participants keep a daily log so they can put up a blog post at the end of the month how they fared. So tracking rejections & acceptances is a damn good idea too.
IS THIS THE 1ST TIME YOU’VE DONE IT?:-No. September will be our 2nd birthday!
WHAT KIND OF SUCCESS CAN YOU GUARENTEE?:- None at all. However, I personally made a pro sale off the challenge last year, and almost everyone who has previously taken part has at least 1 sale to their name.

CAVEAT:- All markets are confirmed as open & paying unless otherwise marked.

01 Fantasy Magazine (short & long form) OR On The Premises (Monster Theme)

02 Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores OR The Periodical, Forlorn (Theme: Moonlighting)

03 Flash Fiction Online OR Micro Madness (Cosmic Horror Monthly) (any day 1st to 7th)

04 Hexagon Magazine or Dark Moon Books

05 Underland Arcana OR Clarkesworld

06 Metaphorosis OR PseudoPod

07 Analog OR ParSec

08 Titanic Terastructures OR Flash Point Science Fiction

09 Silver Blade OR Compelling

10 Escape Pod OR Dream Of Shadows

11 Shoreline Of Infinity OR Silence in the City

12 F&SF OR Dose Of Dread

13 The Future Fire OR Fireside Fiction (Sept 13th-19th)

14 The Arcanist OR From the Farther Trees – (Halloween theme)

15 Lamplight OR Nature:Futures OR Factor Four

16 Translunar Travelers Lounge OR Nightmare Magazine (Open for Flash & Short Fiction)

17 Interzone/Black Static (horror) OR Perpetual Motion Machine

18 Not One Of Us OR Frozen Wavelets

19 Bards & Sages Quarterly OR Society of Misfit Stories (same URL)

20 Electric Spec OR Dark Moments (close Sept 30th)

21 Strange Horizons (before 4pm) OR Freeze Frame Fiction

22 Brink OR Monstroddities

23 The Overcast OR Three Lobed Burning Eye

24 No Sleep Podcast OR Samjoko Magazine

25 The Common Tongue OR Mirror, Mirror

26 The Colored Lens OR Dark Recesses

27 The Fuckening OR The Quiet Ones

28 Daily Science Fiction OR Etherea Magazine

29 Swords & Sorceries Volume 3:- OR The Dread Machine (CANT CONFIRM)

30 Heroic Fantasy Quarterly OR Clarkesworld


SPARE:- Negative Space 2: A Return to Survival Horror
Trees Anthology:-
On Spec (open all September)
Weird Horror (open all September)
Screaming in the Night (Closes Sept 8th ’21)
Heirlock (theme:-Home)

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