So this was January 2021

1 Feb

I’ve made 49 new submissions. 37 rejections. 1 acceptances. 1 withdrawn.


Letters From The Phased Photonic Travel Company sold to Utopia Science Fiction, Jan 14th 2021.
One other sale was made on Jan 31st, 2021. I’ve not yet been given permission to announce it.

There are currently 49 stories out in submission:-


Lost Souls was released at Daily Science Fiction 27th Jan 2021.


36 Hours In The Space Force will be released in Tales From The Space Force, 2021. (DTBC)
Grandmothers Shoes will be released in Bards And Sages Quarterly, Apr, 2021. (DTBC)
Letters From The Phased Photonic Travel Company will be released at Utopia Science Fiction, Jun 2021. (DTBC)
Tuck & Roll will be released in Automobilia, Aug 1st, 2021.
Stranding Room will be released at Abyss & Apex, Jan 2022. (DTBC)

When I get more solid dates on the date to be confirmeds, I’ll announce them.


Sadly, the official 365 day challenge is now over. My laptop fatally bricked meaning I wasn’t able to get a sub up, so by the terms of the challenge, that was a fail.
I’ve sold another story but am waiting for permission to make an official announcement on that. More news when I’m allowed to tell you things!

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