The Last Time I’m Making This Offer

17 Aug

Hey, all. I wanted to check in and say hello, but to also share my life news. Settle in, this won’t be short. Sorry.

Right now I am coming up to the 1st anniversary of my submission challenge. An idea which evolved from a tweet asking “How hard would it be to submit a story every day for a year?” To which, most people replied, “Pretty darn tough.”

So I saw a challenge, and took it head on. How hard would it be to submit a story every day for a month, to a paying market?

Thus was the Submission Challenge born. I’ve run it 3 times, Sept 2019, Jan 2020 & May 2020.

I wasn’t alone in the venture, others have joined me & we’ve made sales. My dumb idea made folks money & resulted in publications.


But recently, my creative mind hasn’t been in a good place, so I lashed out, as I frequently do, and attacked the one good thing in my life. I told people it was going away, and wasn’t likely to ever come back.

Because I’m probably mentally ill (undiagnosed) & am prone to destroying my life while I’m still living it.


I knew the 1 year anniversary of the event was coming up, & that I was going to run it for my friends for the last time. Then a little voice in my head reminded me of something. “Remember people thought it’d be crazy hard to submit a story every day? Well, I hate you, and you hate yourself, so why not suffer, be miserable and try to sub a story every day FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR?

I thought, ‘Hey. There’s something in that.’

I don’t hate myself, nor do I want to suffer, or be miserable. But I do like challenging myself to step beyond my comfort zone so my mind flew back to that original challenge.

I’ve done a month 3 times now. I’d done 100 days non-stop too. So why not try a whole year?

And that is what I’ll be trying from September 1st. Submit at least 1 story per day, every day for a year, to a paying market.

If this challenge sounds too big, why not join me for the first 30 days? I’ve already selected the markets, with some spares. If you’ve got about 30 stories, and feel some of them might sell, this could be the kickstart you need! Get in touch here, or on my Facebook feed, or tweet me @RayDaleyWriter

I’d really like more people to be involved. You don’t HAVE to sub every day, you might not like a market, or agree with their ideals. Whatever reason, if you want to sub less than 30, you can. I am not your Dad! Get in touch with me as the market list will only be available in the private Facebook group. If you want to challenge yourself as a writer, start selecting your stories. It takes about 9 days to select 30 stories, fully proof & audio proof. I know. I’ve done it before, and in less time too.

If you don’t take the opportunity now, it won’t be coming back. I have tried to get more people to take part before. Apart from those already on board, no-one else seems to care. This is why I am here now, trying to light a fire under your lazy, uninterested arse. I’ve tried to nice approach.

This event is going away if more people don’t support it by taking part. Only you can change my mind. Get involved.

3 Responses to “The Last Time I’m Making This Offer”

  1. Iseult Murphy August 27, 2020 at 9:57 pm #

    I had success last year with this challenge. Self hate stopped me from sending out anything when I attempted it this year. I hope that I can take part in September, if you’ll have me. It’s a great challenge, and I’m very grateful for all the work you put in to it and share. Thank you.

    • Ray Daley August 28, 2020 at 12:03 am #

      You are most welcome, list is in the private FB group. Hit me up on twitter if you aren’t a member. I’ll DM you the list unless you’re on FB too.


  1. August News – Heather Ewings - September 3, 2020

    […] This month I’ve once again joined Ray Daley’s Short Story Submission Challenge, three days in and I’ve submitted three stories, and received my first rejection already! (Hooray for speedy replies!) If you’re a writer and you’re keen to join us check out Ray’s blog post about it (and his other plans for the coming year) here. […]

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