9 Aug
A while back, I told the private Facebook group that the challenge might be going away. I was in a weird place then. But I wasn’t lying, not entirely. The challenge in general WILL be going away after September.
It’s being replaced by something else. Something a lot harder.
At least 1 story subbed per day for the next 365 days. Oh, yes.
I’m going to try to sub a story every day for a year.
Questions you may have:-
Are you insane? Yes.
Can we take part? Yes.
Is there going to be an ongoing list? No.
Will they all be paying markets? Yes.
When will it start? September 1st 2020.
Honestly, are you insane? I’m not sane.
Is this even possible? I’ve got over 500 unsubbed stories, so for me, yes it probably is.
Are there rules? Yes. Submit at least 1 story to a paying market for 365 consecutive days. If I miss a day, I fail.
If we take part, do these rules apply to us? Only if you want them to, otherwise use whatever rules you want. I’m not your conscience.
Is this genuinely going ahead? It is now.
Can we persuade you otherwise? No, I’m not sane. We already established that.
Do you want us to intervene? Hell no, I want a challenge. Do it, or die trying.
Why now? Why not January? Because every day is precious, and COVID exists. Again. Die trying.
So this is an actual thing now? Fuck yes, it is.
Will the challenge run at the same time? This IS the challenge now. The old challenge won’t run in January or May, if that’s what you meant.
This is the new normal? This is the new. I am not normal.
So, sub a story per day for a year, or fail? Correct.
Should we wish you luck? No, there’s no luck involved. It’s all hard work & persistance. You can offer support though.
Is there a lot of prep to do? Several hundred stories to get listed on Submission Grinder. About a week’s work if I knuckle down.
So there you go. The September challenge will be the start of my new challenge, to sub at least 1 story per day to paying markets, for a whole year.
I’m 80% sure there are enough open all the time markets to do it. This obviously means there is a decent chance of failure, but I like my odds.


  1. 1 story of any length/genre must be sent to a paying market every day for 365 days.
  2. A day is a period of 24 hours from 0000 to 1159 GMT/BST (dependant on time of year).
  3. The challenge is failed if a story is not sent out during the 24hrs of any of the 365 days.
  4. Simultaneous Subs (same story at different markets) is allowed if the guidelines say so.
  5. A story is classed as sent if email software doesn’t report otherwise with the send day.
  6. Markets can & will be used more than once during the year.
  7. If any markets asks me to stop submitting there, I must do so.

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