Challenge update

16 Apr

I’m pleased to say I have chosen my core 31 stories. I’ve picked 1 spare, so far, and I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to find at least 5 more as my extras.

EXTRAS:- Stories I’ll be submitting as additional pieces on days where I already have a piece selected. I don’t want to just send out 31 stories. 31 is a bare minimum. I managed over 60 last time, but a shit ton of markets were open at the time.

Markets have been tough to find, I want people to know that. I worked HARD. I mean crazy fucking hard sourcing places who paid & were open. I’ve done a lot of advertising, to entice other writers into joining in. I’ve no clue how many new people are going to join us this time around.

I’ll make a start on my prep tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who is and will be supporting me now & next month. It really means a lot to me.

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