So this was Feb 2019

6 Mar

I’ve made 60 new submissions. 46 rejections. 3 acceptances.
3 withdrawn, none not received as of yet.

Shots Of Repatriated Bastard & Sam, I Am both sold on Jan 21st to Jouth Vol 2.
Two Tickets To The End Of The World (Unused)  was accepted by CafeLit.
(Please note, this was not a sale. No money was involved)

There are currently 39 stories out in submission:-

currently out in submission

I’ve got 2 stories awaiting publication in the very near future.
How Have The Mighty Fallen? will appear in Insignia Vol 7.
Two Tickets To The End Of The World (Unused) should appear on CafeLit on March 8th 2019.

I’m still hopeful that Tuck & Roll will be published this year, 2 yrs after it was sold.

The Razors Edge is now out in issue 1 of The Weird And Whatnot.

I’m hopeful that more sales will happen soon, but I’m not going to hope too much.
I was shutdown for a short period during February, times are difficult and a lot of rejections came on top of several withdrawals and I lost faith totally.

I’m not saying I’m fully back on track, but I am submitting again, and writing if the mood takes me.


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