What’s currently in submission in 2018 #5

15 Jun

As the last one was in April I thought I’d update you.

I’d like to take a moment to apologise for being unable to offer updates over the last few months. I made a sale in mid April, then out of respect to my publisher I waited until I was given official permission to announce the sale before I carried on with the out in submission list. As I announce every submission and rejection, it would have been the job of mere moments to work out which story had sold.

What’s currently out in submission?

submission spreadsheet

As you can see, the old text list has been officially replaced by the new & improved Submissions Spreadsheet. This is making my life SO much easier, and faster to add or remove things when I submit a story or receive a rejection/acceptance. Automating this process was the best decision I ever made.

It’s clear, it’s clean, it’s easy to read.

Acceptances: 1. Not According To Design was sold to Mythic Magazine.
Rejections:- Again, too many to count.
Publications:- Nothing new this month.
Withdrawals:- None this month

30 stories now out there.

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