So This Was May…

1 Jun

We’ve already reached the end of the fifth month of 2018.

So what’s happened so far?

SALES:- I’ve made 3 sales so far, to Third Flatiron; “The Doomsday Machine Retires” for their Monstrosities anthology and to WolfSinger Publications; “Muse” for their Cat Tails anthology.

I still haven’t been given permission to announce the third sale yet, I’ll tell you who it was to and the story when I am allowed. I have signed a contract, I’ve got a rough date of when it will be published too, based on their previous releases last year. I haven’t been able to do what’s out in submission this month because of this contractual binding.

SUBMISSIONS:- I’ve already submitted 124 stories this year.

REJECTIONS:- I’ve had 114 rejections so far.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:- In the pipeline is the publications of “Uncle Ping’s Evening Farewell” from Insignia. Still no official date on this. I’m sorry I’ve not got more news on this. I’m just as anxious to see it come out as you are.

Credits for Cat Tails – War Zone and Monstrosities are now listed on my ISFDB entry. I’m trying my best to keep that as up to date as I possibly can.

I’ve finished 4 new stories since the end of Camp NaNoWriMo bringing my total of new stories written this year so far to 35.

I’m hoping to get as many subs out as possible this month and I’m hoping to get a few more answers back before the end of the month too. Fingers crossed for more sales.

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