State Of My Mind Address

17 Mar

State Of My Mind Address:-

Know this, I have subbed more these past few months than ever before. I have learnt that I am more resilient than I thought. I’ve also learnt that I now know when I’m punching above my weight limit.

To quote The Art Of Noise, “So What Happens Now?

I currently have 35 pieces out in submission. i will be waiting to hear what happens with each of those pieces. But as of now, I probably won’t be submitting to any more of the big magazines.

This does NOT mean I won’t submitting anything else this year, far from it. From this point on, I’ll be picking my markets far more carefully. The “throw it at the wall & see what sticks” method simply hasn’t worked.

I do need to read more from the bigger markets. I’ve tried a few times to learn what they like, I don’t think it’s an impossible task, just an extremely difficult one that will take time.

As of now, you’ll be seeing a lot less submissions from me. You’ll still see the ones I can’t resist, or that I think I’ve got a chance in. When one model fails, you have to try something different. It’s insanity to carry on the same way when all you see is rejections.

So this is the state of my mind as it stands. Battered & bruised, but unbroken by the submission market.

All of the successes this year so far were submitted last year. Just so you know.

This is Ray, Peace Out.

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