My Archive

15 Feb

Writers who follow me on social media will see that I’ve been doing a lot of story submissions recently. And almost all of them have been unique titles, not currently out to other markets.

So how I am I able to have so many different things out to different places at once?

SIMPLE. I have an archive.

It’s all the stories I’ve written since 2014. All filed by year, and length.

When I’m approaching a new market, I look at what they want, and what length they want. I’ve then got folders for flash (1000 words or less) and longer material (anything over 1000 words) in each years folder for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Anything I’ve already written this year is currently just in one folder, but I’m generally not likely to submit things I wrote this year yet.

In total I have 394 completed stories that I can select from.

What I call my archive.

Obviously, these are backed up in several places to negate the risk of losing them for any reason.
But this is how I am so easily able to submit new work whenever I want.

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