The Tight-Fisted Bargain Hunter (poem)

24 Dec

The Tight-Fisted Bargain Hunter
(C) Ray Daley 22/12/93

Oh no, it’s that time of year,
When the public are gripped by a manic fear.
To all go out and spend their money,
And end up broke; It isnt funny!
They all go out and have to shop,
Then don’t give up until they drop.

It all seems an enormous chore,
To be in a Department Store.
You always get the squeaky trolley,
Which won’t go straight; So you look a wally.
The stupid things they spend their cash on,
Just like the stuff’s going out of fashion!

But there’s a few who buck the trend,
And see how little they can spend.
I will not say that they are tight,
But they won’t spend cash without a fight.
Since shelling out’s a point that’s sore,
Which they find such a major bore.

You watch the way that they behave,
When you tell them that they can’t save.
So will they pay with cash or credit?
If they’re not saving; best forget it!
And everywhere the price gets steeper,
They’ll get elsewhere; Find it cheaper.

But there is one who’s no big spender,
She’s a woman known as Brenda,.
We don’t think that she is mean,
At spending little; She is queen.
Avoid the crowds, avoid the spending,
It’s ZERO presents she’ll be sending!

If you don’t think this story’s true,
Just wonder what she’s getting you?
And think about this little tale,
When you find she bought it in the sale.


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