Solutions to problems you didn’t know existed

30 Oct

Hello! Welcome to the end of October.

I’ve been having some back issues recently, possibly sciatica. So I decided to invest in a comfortable large sized cushion for my computer/writing chair. It’s where I spend most of my day when I’m not sleeping.

So I started by setting a budget, didn’t want to spend any more than £10, ideally.

When I looked at cushions before (in Coventry indoor market) the cheapest I saw were about £25 and weren’t very big at all. So I ignored those and tried Primark (mostly as it’s on the way back to the bus stop). Located “Homewares” and found some decent sized cushions. Picked a fairly dull grey coloured one.

£8 so well within budget, plus the bag they put it in also fitted my toaster I’d been carrying around the city centre for the last bloody hour which was even better.

I gave the chair a good wash and wipe down (it’s leather) before I went to bed and I put the cushion down when I booted up earlier. It fits almost the entire seat and actually also allows me to seat with my back on the back of the chair so good lower lubar suppport too.

Very comfy, very nice to sit on. Quite happy now.

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