Examining The Twilight Zone, Future Trade

11 Jun

I’d never seen this before.

Clyde Hayes asks that age old question, are you happy with your life? Or is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

So what’s the problem?

Martin Donner is stuck in a terrible life. His wife hates him, his kids don’t know he exists, and his boss treats him like dirt.

How does he try to overcome this?

Lured in by an internet banner advert (this was the 2000’s era reboot of the show) Donner goes to Future Trade, a place that promises a better life.

What mistakes does this episode make?

We’re told Donner is seen in the previous owner’s body. The glass between the bedroom and the swimming pool piss on that statement.
Ways to fix Future Trade?

1) Say it’s your new life, but only for a set period. 24 hours, a week, a month, a year. Make it seem less amazing that Donner has seemingly lucked out.

2) Have his new girlfriend be in the same boat he was before he went to Future Trade, and she’s been to Future Trade too. She uses the drugs & Peruvian mask to swap bodies with him, leaving him a women in a man’s world.

3) Have Donner be able to pull himself out of the deal before he dies.

4) Have Donner’s donor body be suffering from a bad heart, so he gets the high life for a week then dies of a heart-attack.

5) Have Donner massively fail in his new life, losing everything his donor worked for. Have him end right back up working the same job he was at the start.

I like the idea of it being his life for a set period (maybe a year), I’d combine that with the idea that he’s terrible at being the new man and ends up right back where he started. If you wanted to add insult to injury, throw in the bad heart at the end so he comes off way worse than he even started out.


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