Story Submissions; A Guideline

23 Apr

As I did one of these posts about if you should (as a writer) write ideas down or not, I thought I was well overdue writing one about story submissions.

Not every writer will reach that place where they can or even want to submit their work for publication. But these are my tips for if you ever decide it’s now the time to submit work work.


As a hard and simple rule of thumb, apply common sense. If you haven’t GOT any common sense, read what the market are asking for.

It’s a market for poetry only, should I submit fiction?
Unless it’s fictional poetry, no. The word only means exactly that.

It’s a market for werewolves, should I submit a story about a man who becomes a dog?
No. Werewolf. Not weredog. There’s a difference, learn it.

It says for women only. I’m a man, should I submit?
No. Unless you possess a vagina or are planning to have one soon.

It says “specific region writers” only, should I submit?
Do you live in that place? Have you lived there? If the answer is no, then don’t submit.

It says science fiction only and I’m not sure if my story is very SF. Should I submit?
In this case, yes. Don’t self censor. Let the people reading decide if they think it’s SF or not.

It says LBGTQ authors only. I’m a straight man/woman, should I apply?
No. It’s hard enough for writers to break into these fields. There are plenty of places for people like you and we don’t frown on your choice to be straight.

If your story contains at least one aspect of what the market require, submit it and let them decide if it fits their bailiwick or not. Unless any of the above apply.

NOTES:- Read what the market have already offered. If they are a first time printer, feel free to query them by email.

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