Outside the comfort zone

5 Mar

So! I did something a bit different today.

Yesterday, I spotted a place that was asking for idea pitches based on image prompts. Basically they had 20-something images and if one of them inspired you to write a story, they asked you to pitch your idea in a few lines or a paragraph.

I saw one I liked, I pitched my idea by email the same day.

And they liked it. So I had a day to craft the bones of the beast in my brain, and wrote it this afternoon. With a 1000 word maximum limit and a 751 word lower limit.

It’s rare that I write restrained by ANY kind of word count, be it upper OR lower. Normally I’ll just write whatever until I either run out of steam or my brain say “Oi fuckface, this is finished!”

Yes. My internal monologue calls me fuckface. Amongst other such cursory terms. Bastard-face is also quite common.

Anyway, I’m digressing.

So I banged out my story. Audio proofed it to within an inch of its life. Then added about another 100 words because it was a bit too short.

And emailed it off a few hours ago. It’s a potentially paying gig, not a huge amount but money is money.

It’s nice to step away from familiar things every now and then, to try and stretch yourself as a writer once in a while.

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