A day in the archives

26 Feb

So a couple of days ago I was trying to kill some time as the PC has been misbehaving (my fault, I put a RAM chip in the wrong way round and made it run slower. I know, I’m an idiot!) as of late.

Anyway, I thought I’d try to find my missing “Hitchhiker” notes.

That turned out to be an epic fail, they are currently nowhere to be found. My guess is , despite checking all the stuff I threw away, I think I chucked them out by accident.

But that time looking wasn’t entirely wasted as it have me the chance to have a complete look through all my “on paper” archived, as yet unwritten ideas.

And boy are there a lot of them!

I’ve pulled a few, the ones that immediately piqued my interest as I was reading through the HUGE pile. I’m not sure which of them will get turned into finished stories and when, but it gives me ideas to play with when I get a dry spell.

To keep everything in one place, I store them all inside a hardback copy of “Eye & Talon” (A Bladerunner book) by KW Jeter. They’ve lived in the there for well over 2 yrs now, and the pile just keeps getting ever larger.

I guess what I’ll have to try and do is pick all the stuff that could easily be turned around into finished stories within a few hrs and sit down and write them.

I guess that’ll happen when pigs fly.

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