Not all short stories are

20 Nov

Short, that is.

So I just got finished writing “The Lanyards”.

After 6 days of writing (off and on, some days no writing happened at all) I came out with just over 7000 words. 7328 words in total.

If you know me, you’ll know that’s a lot of writing. Normally I average around 1500 words for a short story, sometimes even less.

I had the idea way back in January, it was something I noticed when coming home on the bus one day.

I didn’t use everything I wrote in my initial outline, a couple of large plot points were changed, mostly due to organic growth of characters and plot development.

My brother Gareth forwarded an idea for the end, I didn’t use it exactly, instead it inspired me and I used a heavily modified version.

I think it came out well and I look forward to reading it in a few months for proofing and final tweaks.

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