Getting ready to write – A guide

30 Oct
Getting ready to write – A guide. By Ray Daley.
Here’s a simple checklist to making your writing time easier.
1) Set aside the time. I recommend 2 hrs to write about 2k words. Any average typist should manage this.
2) Is your chair comfortable, at the right height for your screen & keyboard? A comfortable writer is a productive writer.
3) Will you need the toilet? Or a drink/snack? Cover these before you start, so you can work distraction free.
4) Stay off the damn internet! You’re at the computer to write! If you need to research something, leave yourself a note & do it AFTER the writing session. If it’s plot critical simply put “insert research here” & add it later when you’ve done it.
5) Do you know what you’re writing today? Did you leave yourself notes, outlines, frameworks, a partially incomplete sentence? If you have ideas you don’t think you can get down today, leave notes for future you. Future you will thank you. Future you may even reward you with chocolate (or wine, or coffee).
6) Queue up music that will last however long you intend to write for. Studies have shown that music can aid creativity. Your mileage may vary.
And finally? Write! Write for as long as you said you were going to and ideally no longer. Getting into a routine can also help your productivity. Ray Bradbury swore by having a schedule.
Well I hope these tips help, especially with NanoWriMo coming up.

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