The Shape of Come To Things [flash fic]

13 Sep
The Shape of Come To Things
By Ray Daley
We’d been showing them the images for quite some time now.
“How many is it now Jan?” That was Letts, even he was amazed that they hadn’t run out of descriptions yet.
“Two hundred and forty-two. And no sign of slowing down.”
“A beach ball with string tied around it.” The things were still going.
Letts grinned. “Have they got any idea? That we’re human? You can only keep showing them pictures of sperm for so long before they work it out!”
I shook my head. “As long as we keep talking to them through the interface, they still think we’re machines. Have the Air Force got a fix on their ship yet?”
Letts swiped his hand across his throat. That was it, they’d finally locked on. I could see him holding up one hand, gradually taking down his fingers. Until only the thumb remained, then even that was withdrawn into his fist. Then Letts nodded.
I typed our last message on the interface. For cybernetic lifeforms with no concept of emotion I’d say they got extremely angry.
Still, we’ve kept the planet safe for another day. And we’ll get some good tech out of them. Even if we have to kill them.

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