Officially Announcing The End Of An Era

1 Sep

I will be releasing 3 more free ebooks this year, in October, November and December.

One per month, as I have every month since November of 2011.

As of 1st January 2017, I will no longer be maintaining a free monthly release schedule.

There will be a few pay titles going online (through Smashwords only) but there will no longer be any kind of regular release schedule from me.

This is for several reasons.

I’ve lost my love for writing, and doing the monthly releases as well as having create covers and advertise across the 30+ places has become more like a chore than the fun it used to be.

It’s been over a year since my Mum passed away and I’m not finding it easy. She used to be the person I’d pitch ideas to. Without her, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to either start or complete stories.

So what does this mean for my readers?

What’s already up will remain up. What’s already free will stay free.

If I can find the motivation, I’ll release the novel. That WILL be a pay title. I put a lot of time and effort into it. It effectively cost me my job. So I will expect some kind of return from it.

I may or may not continue to keep writing. I’ve got a lot of completed stories that can potentially go out of for submission as they are.

Not all of them are saleable, some of those may end up becoming free releases. Eventually. I can’t say when. All I can offer as solid fact right now is there will be no regular ebook releases from me as of next year onwards.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve already released and will enjoy the 3 that are left in the pipeline. I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews and comments.

I’ll be archiving stories to the blog that were online in other places that aren’t my social media pages so there will be more to read coming.

Thanks for reading my stories.


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