I Hate Rewrites!

12 Aug

Today I had to find a story for submission and the piece I chose fell short of the minimum word count.

Which is annoying.

So I had to pull a little under 200 words out of my arse to make it. I do not, repeat DO NOT like rewrites. Nor do I like edits.

Generally I like to write a story and then leave it the fuck alone because it’s finished and there’s nothing more I can do to it to improve the beast.

I’m not one to edit. I don’t like adding things either.

I will do occasional updates or rewrites on the fly if I’m typing something up that I’ve hand written.

This is why I am a 1 man operation. No-one dares ask me to alter or rewrite or edit because they know I’ll tell them to fuck the fuck right off.

“Does not play well with others.”

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