News on ebook releases

31 Jul

A few thoughts.

I’m not sure if I’ll be maintaining the ebook release schedule next year as I’ve done for the last few years.

I’m not getting a massive amount of downloads, I’m not getting many sales of the pay titles and the amount of time that goes into just doing the damn release is a lot.

I don’t think readers realise I am a one man operation, from creation, to edit, to proof, to cover to release and advertising. It’s not magical publishing elves, it’s just me in a different t-shirt.

As of now (Sunday 31st July 2016), no solid decision has been made. I’ll continue to do the releases this year but there is the chance this might be the end of monthly free ebooks from me.

There may be 2 pay titles being released later this year and the novel is still to be finalised then released as well.

More on this subject when I make more solid choices.

Just be aware, the gravy train may well be at an end.

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