On being a cross dresser

22 Jul
I refer you to the line “bit confident for a bloke in a dress, ain’t he?”
Eddie Izzard knows of where he speaks.
For myself, I once pulled my RAF 1250 (I fucking did, I’m a crazy bastard, ask anyone who knows me!) to help a friend who was being beaten up just for being “a bloke in a dress”. When you’re with the victim and the Police are being absolute cunts about the whole thing, you just have to make a stand.
I literally had no fucks left to give, they could have happily nicked me too. This is when I become a complete bitch. Well, I was dressed for it. The fact that the copper had to look up to maintain eye contact. “You really want to arrest BOTH of us? Good luck explaining me dressed like THIS to the RAF Police then. Oh, we’re not worth the paperwork? Then we’re leaving.”
I make no apologies. I am and was a crossdresser.
And I look fucking AWESOME in the red dress.
I’ll have you know that a lesbian once asked me to make her girlfriend jealous. “Kiss me, make her jealous.”
And it worked. “Oh, you’re a bloke? I’ll let her off then. Nice arse though.”

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