The 80’s Synth Text Adventure

4 Jul
25th April 2012

The 80’s Synth Text Adventure

You are in a dark room with a wooden frame which is broken. You see a hammer. There is an exit to the West.
Get hammer.
You get the hammer.
Examine hammer.
It has the word Jan on the handle. it’s Jans Hammer.
Fix frame.
You fix A Broken Frame. It’s Construction Time Again!
Go West.
You Go West. It is very bright, you can just about make out someone standing close by.
Close eyes.
I don’t understand that.
We Close Our Eyes.
You can now see an Ant playing a guitar. There is an exit to the North.
Listen to Ant.
It’s Ant Music. The Ant offers you a taste of the music.
Eat Music.
That music’s lost it’s taste, now try another flavour.
Go North.
You go North. You can see a black button with red writing, it’s too small to read. You can hear birds singing, possibly A Flock Of Seagulls?
Press button.
The birds stop singing. On the wall you see a sign. It says Depeche Mode engaged. You hear silence.
Enjoy The Silence.
You Enjoy The Silence, somewhere in Basildon Martin Gore is buying eyeliner.
A door has opened to the North.
Go North.
You go North, it is a narrow passage way. Your route is blocked by Nik Kershaw and a fat child.
Examine Nik Kershaw.
Nik Kershaw appears to be wearing a snood.
Examine fat child.
He’s no big deal, he’s just a wide boy. Nik Kershaw hands you a piece of paper.
Examine paper.
It’s a Riddle.
Do you really want to quit? Y/N?
You have scored 38 points, you are Boy George’s Make-up bag.


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