Work (an even older poem!)

29 Jun

Work – By R. Daley, 8/10/90, 10.22am. P&A 27.

Where I work are lots of people all looking the same,
Wearing uniform & coloured tabs, but on your chest your name.
Our job is important, we protect our country.
We have to be many things, but never people.
We do not speak what we think, The rules hold us back, to protect us.
The future is safe, with the country in our hands,
As we keep a watch over this land.
We must obey and not complain,
As it is our duty to work and train.
We live together, a small society,
Working with each other, a helping community,
But knowing the dangers, with no immunity,
How can we go on like this, our life, insanity.
Our prayer is peace of mind,
Of Hope, Of Brotherhood, A vision for mankind.
And when the killing’s over, what we saw,
Where children stood then, Men stood before.
A double vision. Of Tomorrow.


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