The Unfortunate, A Flash Story

29 Jun
19 June 2012

The Unfortunate, A Flash Story by Raymond Daley

We hang the torso by a noose, suspended from the upstairs banister. Someone will get a nasty shock. An unexpected shock.

The torso hangs, clad in black bike leathers & helmet in the Chard Road staircase. Some of us know, those who have placed it there, to scare an unsuspecting person.

Who will be the lucky or unlucky one?
My money is on Soutar, he’s the perfect target.
Unaware, very beered up, gagging for the bog and we ensure downstairs is very occupied.

I’m looking at Justin, at EJ, we’re trying not to laugh, trying not to spoil it.
Martin’s face is the picture of innocence, he knows we’ve done something.
Just not the exact details.

Soutar can’t hold it any longer.
He opens the door to the stairs, sees the hanging corpse, takes a step back.
He can’t take many more, another one will put him over the back of the sofa.

It’s a good job he needs the bog, he damn near pisses himself.

The rest of us lose it. Mission achieved.
Sorry teddy, you were the perfect patsy!



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