The Henry Ford Moment, A flash short

29 Jun

The Henry Ford Moment (An exclusive flash short for SHOW US YOUR SHORTS)
7/3/13 By Ray Daley.

On the day the new paint was delivered they brought nothing I liked.

“Take it back and bring every tester pot you have”, I told them.
They took it back, I was hardly a person you argued with.
In less than an hour they came back with thousands of colour tester pots.

My wife wasn’t happy but I explained the position.
“If I have to live here for four years then I don’t want to live somewhere that’s painted in such a terrible colour.”
We used all the tester pots, the place looks like a bag of Skittles just exploded.

I love it!

Henry Ford once said “Any colour as long as it’s black.”
I just didn’t want to live another day in that White House.



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