The Chosen, A Flash Fiction Story

29 Jun
17 June 2012

The Chosen, A Flash Fiction Story by Ray Daley

G3 is up there right now, enjoying his moment, his time in the sun.
It’s the first time he’s ever been selected, he’s proud of the honour.

The rest of us sit, waiting for the command, for the call, for the Selection.

F6 is next in the queue, fourth time for him today, he’s real popular. It’s rare that a day goes by when he isn’t chosen at least once, people seem to really love him.

I am D18, unchosen as of yet. I’ve been here from First Day.
Sometimes they come and Reshuffle, I’ve survived many of those, I am not yet a reject. Units come and units go, so far I have survived the many purges.

It’s coming to the end of G3’s time now, the mechanism ceases and lowers him back to our rack. F6 is picked up and carried to the mechanism, again it is his time.

Then, I see it. The light above me. The selector is on.
D18 has been chosen.

I must wait my turn but I am now next in line. This will be my first time here and I am very proud. I will perform to the best of my ability.

The owner carefully wipes the keypad, F6 is so well-worn now, it’s barely legible.

“I really love this track!” said Kerry.
“Yeah, Justin Bieber is so awesome!” said Megan.

“What did you pick again?” said Kerry.
“D18, it’s been so long since I heard it.” replied Megan.

Kerry traced her finger across the glass then finally saw the marker.

D18 – Agadoo by Black Lace.



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