The Barrier, Light Speed. A Flash Fiction Story

29 Jun
19th July 2012

The Barrier, Light Speed. A Flash Fiction Story by Raymond Daley

It has taken ten long years, my ship hangs in orbit a mile away from the Moon. Officially I am the pilot of VF832. Unofficially we’re calling it “Einstein was wrong”.

I start the sublight engines and manouver into my preset route. It’s been checked and rechecked more than a hundred times. I power the shields up, comms circuits set to transmit in all directions on all wavelengths.

I reach sublight and the boost kicks in, pushing us past the magical barrier. 5 seconds. 10 seconds. 30 seconds.

And we’re braking, braking, back into normal space. It’s quiet here, no planets, just a few small moons. The autopilot turns me around, this run will only count if I do light speed in both directions.

Shield back up, back to sublight. Then the boost, I’m at light speed again. I’ve been maxed out for 30 seconds when my comm circuit starts to pick something up.

At first it sounds like static mixed with the sound of a droning engine. Then it sounds like someone gargling.
Then I start getting the odd word here and there amongst the static.
I press transmit. “I’m picking up some of that, please keep talking” I say into the mic.

Again I am getting the odd word here and there, I fall out of light speed, braking back to normal space, slowing towards the Moon once more.
“Can you understand me now pilot?” says the voice, clear as day.
“Yes, I’m getting you perfectly!”. This voice isn’t coming from Earth, or any of the colonies. It’s then I realise this is the Star Trek moment, I’ve attracted the Vulcans just like Zephram Cochrane did!

The craft appears out of nowhere, less than a 1000 kilometres away.
“Pilot, please confirm. Was that you just then doing 2 lateral runs?” asks the voice of my unknown contact.
“Yes, that was me. Silly question, are you an alien?” I ask. I HAVE to ask.

“Erm Pilot, that’s not important right now. I have a question of my own?” say the unknown possibly alien contact.

“Yes, please ask” I say, what is this new alien species about to ask of Mankind?
“Pilot, have you got ANY idea how fast you were going just then? I’m afraid I’m going to have to cite you for speeding. We don’t take kindly to speedhogs in these parts.”



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