Portait Of A Manger (flash fic)

29 Jun

Portait Of A Manger

The stable was getting pretty crowded.

A handful of shepherds had brought some sheep, they’d wanted to give a fleece, maybe some Lanolin but eventually decided to offer their best wishes as they truly were a bunch of cheap bastards.

“That is one cute baby” said Balthazar, a Wise Man.

“He is pretty cute. Got his mothers eyes.” said Melchior, another Wise Man.

“Isn’t he adorable?” asked Mary, the childs mother.

“Look,” said Gaspar, yet another Wise Man. “I consider myself to be a pretty clever bloke. He’s a fairly cute little thing but I am not going to be forced into saying he’s adorable. No-one, I repeat, NO-ONE is going to make me adore the little shite. And if that’s going to be an issue then I’m taking my Frankincense and I’m going to bugger off back East.”

That killed the conversation stone dead.

Gaspar grabbed his Frankincense and left them with one final thought as he left. “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”


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