No World For Vampires, Flash Horror

29 Jun
7 June 2012 ·

No World For Vampires (Flash Horror by Ray Daley)

When the existance of vampires became common knowledge their power was gone. It became impossible for them to feed on humans, we knew how to kill them, how to protect ourselves. When the Global Elite offered the vampires their own planet, no strings attached they practically bit our hand off.

So to speak.

We gave them a ship, computer piloted, course preset.
We wanted them to know how much we cared so it was christened The Van Helsing.

We cared that much.

All viewing ports were blacked out, no chance of sunlight accidently killing any of these brave pioneers of space. Blast-off was scheduled for midnight making boarding easier. We lit the fuse, let them be spaces problem. Bye bye vampires, send us a postcard!

The journey took a month at full speed. A barren globe known only as HNKV824.
They christened it Vampireworld. The craft landed at the peak of darkness.

We gave them a planet.
We neglected to tell them one thing.

It only got three minutes of darkness every day.
Good day sunshine.



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