No Stones Allowed, A Flash Fiction story

29 Jun

No Stones Allowed, A Flash Fiction story by Raymond Daley

“No Stones Allowed!”

The sign was clear enough.
It had stood at the dockside since the founding of the island. Every child was brought to see it, its meaning explained clearly and thoroughly.

No-one would ever dream of disobeying it, to do so would mean disaster.
Or would they?

Tourism was common enough on the island, it had plenty of visitors from the mainland. Generally the sign was explained on the boat journey across the cove. People obeyed. Whether it was to humour the locals or because they saw no reason not to, either way people obeyed.

It takes a lot to panic men of science.

At the institute there was panic, the level on the master gauge was rising, and not just by a little.

“I don’t understand, why is the level rising so quickly?”
“The island is sinking, that’s why!”
“But we’ve had tourists before, it’s never risen so quickly in such a short time before!”

Teams were sent to check on the latest batch of tourists to land on the island. One by one they were eliminated until they found the one remaining man.
With a basket full of stones.

“No-one has ever believed that sign, I didn’t either.”
Those were his last words, before he was killed by a mob of angry scientists.

There was little time but most people were evacuted onto boats to the mainland.

“Our island, our society, gone! Because of one mans stupidity!”
“Who will mourn for Atlantis in the future?”



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