New And Used, A Star Wars Flash Fan Fiction Story

29 Jun

New And Used, A Star Wars Flash Fiction Story by Raymond Daley

I recognise the vehicle right away.
“Hello Sir or Madam! You appear to be in the market for a used travel craft. This beauty right here is very reasonable, only had one owner from new.”

I already know the droid is lying, this heap of junk in front of me has had at least two owners I personally know of. Neither of them will ever be coming back for it though, they’re both long dead.

“Only one owner from new, eh? You’ve the documentation to prove that?” I ask the droid, knowing full well even if it has, they’re fake.

“Why of course Sir or Madam, all our vehicles come with a fully documented service history.” The droid’s been reprogrammed well by the Hutts, it lies as naturally as Suns rise on this hole of a planet.

“Is it fast?” I ask.

“Why of course, Sir or Madam. This particular craft made the legendary Kessel Run in twelve parsecs.” replies the droid.

“A parsec is a measurement of distance, not speed, you dumb droid. And this piece of crap has had at least TWO owners. Lando Calrissian and Han Solo, fortunately for you they’ve both been dead fifty years so neither of them will be wanting it back. So where did you steal it from?”

I couldn’t bear its spiel of bullshit any more.

“Why Sir or Madam, I personally purchased the craft from an elderly Wookie gentleman who assured me he’d owned the craft for its entire life,” explained the droid, desperate to keep any kind of sales pitch going.

“Ah, swindled by a Wookie. Makes sense. He lied to you. Any documents he gave you are either fakes or forgeries. She may be a beaten up piece of garbage but this vessel is legally mine and I have the control codes to prove it. She might be a piece of crap but the Millenium Falcon is MY piece of crap.”

And with that I walked up the boarding ramp and fired her up.
Again, The Falcon was mine.



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