I’ve been writing!

25 Mar

Oh yes I have.

And not like usual either.

I saw something, it gave me an idea and I thought ‘Damn but I need to get that written down like right fucking NOW!‘ and then promptly cued up 4 hrs of music, said I was writing on twitter then just dived in and went the fuck for it until I came up for air about 2 hrs later.

I had a quick break for a snack and a drink then polished the rest of the story off in about 30 mins.

And for about 2 hours worth of writing I created 4733 words. Those 2 hours felt literally like five minutes had passed.

It felt insanely easy. I don’t expect days like this when I start the novel, but if I get even one of the I’ll be massively greatful. I’ll give the story a once over in a few days to check it’s okay (it felt okay!) and that it flows naturally.

The ended felt a touch rushed so may need some polish. But almost 5000 words in 2 hours?


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