An announcement.

16 Mar

I’ve redacted this status many times. But I’ve now reached the point in my life where I genuinely don’t care what people think any more. Your reaction is either “So what, big deal” or anything else.

So I am outing myself.

To save you “accidently” stumbling across it on Reddit then feeling the need to inform the rest of the world. Or noticing I am now a member of a LGBT writing group here on Facebook.

Yes, I am a transvestite. Crossdresser. Whatever.
Or was.
I retired “her” a long time ago.

If you didn’t know by now it’s either because I didn’t think I COULD tell you or I didn’t WANT to tell you.

I am no different today than I was yesterday.
You are just slightly better informed about me.

You now belong to one of two groups.

GROUP 1 – You already knew, I told you. Or EJ did & I confirmed it.
GROUP 2 – You are just finding this out now.

Things you need to know.

A definition:- I am a straight man who likes dressing as a woman. Or I used like dressing that way.
I am NOT gay! I love girls. So much so, I occasionally was one.
Yes, my mum did know. Yes, I did ask her not to say anything.
(I assume my siblings had their suspicions). Prior to this post only one of them knew, who I asked to say nothing.
Yes, I am slightly schizophrenic. She is not me, I am not her. We share the body and brain.
Yes, I HAVE met Eddie Izzard. (Once only, coming out of the ladies loos in the Way Out Wine Bar, a tranny club in London.)

I was a professional model! As a girl! I appeared on billboards & in magazines!
I worked in Madame Jojo’s (the club featured in “Kinky Boots”) for a VERY short time. Yes it paid quite well. Yes I spent every penny.
I dressed for a lot of my whole RAF career, at High Wycombe. They never caught me. (Well Cpl Andy Hitt ALMOST did, I am sorry I lied to you!)
I was once offered a part in the Annie Lennox “Little Bird” video. (I had to turn it down, I have regretted this every day since.)
This is why I keep posting the link to it. Now you know.
No, I can’t tell you which “Annie” I was going to be. I narrowed it down to two.
I will not take your wife/girlfriend/female partner shopping. (Unless it’s LJ; in which case been there, done that)
Number of RAF people who knew (at the time), 5. 2 MOD civvies after the fact. (You are now trying to work out if you are one of those 5, aren’t you!)
Yes, you can ask me stuff. I reserve the right to answer what I want.
Yes that is me on the front cover in the picture (outside the Winter Gardens in Milton Keynes), yes I was still in the RAF when this was published. No, it’s not my best picture.

Yes, they did sell this in High Wycombe. I saw it in several news agents. Yes, I was laughing my arse off the entire time.

I have been and still am Ray Daley, formerly SAC R. P. Daley and sometimes that bird I refer to as Racheal.
It’s a crapload of identities to fit into one brain.

I offer no reasons other than this, a thought I lived with for 4 years.
“I wanted to be myself. I had no idea who that was.”

I still don’t.

tv taffcover

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