Latest Kindle Stats

1 Mar

As I’ve done every previous yr, I kept stats on my Kindle for how long I charged it, how long it charge lasted for and when it was charged. Details as follows:-

Nov 20th(2014)-Jan 18th. 58 days (new record). 7.5hrs
Jan 19-Apr 2nd. 74 days (new record). 14hrs
Apr 3rd-May 2nd. 30 days. 12 hrs
May 3rd-Jun 14th. 43 days. 12hrs.
Jun 15th-Aug 20th. 67 days, 12 hrs.
Aug 21st-Nov 27th. 100 days (new record). 12hrs 20 mins.
Nov 28th-ongoing.

So the Kindle was charged 7 times in the year.
Those charges last for a total of 69 hrs and 50 minutes.
An average of about 9.15hrs per charge.
Also an average about 53 days per charge.

I set 3 new records last year for how long a charge lasted.
Records of (sucessively) 58, 74 then 100 days.

I am still keeping stats this year but I’m not sure how long I’ll carry on keeping them.

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