News, of various types

3 Dec

I got word back from the Best SF Baen readers. They decided not to take “Wipeout”. They liked it and said nice things about it but it wasn’t quite right.

And I got a phone call about the job I went for on Monday. They’ve made an offer and I’ve accepted it. I’m starting mid-January.

So where does that leave my writing?

As far as releases go, it leaves me 45 or so days to choose 12 stories from the almost 200 I’ve already written, format them and do covers for them. Previous experience doing this tells me it’s not a hard job and I should be able to prepare 12 releases for next year.

So I will be doing free releases next year. I’ll start putting the wheels for that into motion later today.

As for actually creating new stuff, I have no idea. If I find myself with the time to write and an idea to write down, I will.

I won’t have as much time as I currently do, but I’ll still be writing.

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