Let There Be Books!

3 Dec

I’m releasing this statement now, knowing I do have the job as of next year.

I AM going to maintain the 1 release per month schedule as it has existed for over three years now.

I’ve already selected 12 titles, all of which were written during 2014 as part of The Bradbury Challenge. These were extras, almost all of which have been out to submission but weren’t taken for one reason or another.

Mostly “not the right fit“, as I recall.

These aren’t rejects. They were always going to have some sort of home, and now that particular home will be by way of Smashwords and Feedbooks.

I do have plans for another (free) anthology next year as well, stuff that has already appeared either on Facebook, or here on the blog, or even on Twitter.

I’m not sure when that’ll be put out. But short of being dead, there will be free ebooks released by me next year.


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