Possibly done for the year, and maybe for good?

1 Dec

I’ve just got done with the releases for the final free ebook of the year. I decided to take all the stories I wasn’t able to put out when the other PC crashed and put them all into one anthology.

Smashwords – Rejects From The Idea Factory; A Flash Fiction Anthology – a book by Ray Daley

From The Idea Factory; A Flash Fiction Anthology – Ray Daley | Feedbooks

Available from either link. The Smashwords version is smaller but the Feedbooks version has hotlinks to the stories at the end.

I’ve been for a second interview for a job this week, I won’t be hearing back until at least next week but I’ve already started thinking about the possible implications if I start working.

If I get a job, I will be working an 8 hour day for at least 5 days a week. Not much time left for writing or doing releases.
I do have over 100 completed stories that could be released, providing I get the time. Having just checked, the 1st of the month is a week day for 10 of the 12 months of next year.

So that’s going to make things tough if I do get the job.

Obviously it’s all ifs at the moment. Until I get solid news either way, we’ll go on the current model that’s been working for the last few years, that I’ll be releasing 1 new free title at the start of each month as soon as I’m able to.

If things change before the end of the year, I’ll update you.
There is also the possiblity of me doing a Christmas release.


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