Locating Springfield, A Simpsons Theory.

6 Apr

Can we use science to locate Springfield? Simple answer? YES.
Triangulation, the method of using 3 known points to find a location.

In the episode “Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood” Bart points to New York, a fixed geographical location.


Point 1 established.
We then have the street where Bart & Milhouse are standing. Point 2.


This point however is difficult, if not impossible to identify within the town.
Point 3. If we can define the relative location of Mr Burn’s house (in West Springfield) to Bart’s location, you have your 3 points.

Sadly this theory is killed for several reasons.

1) It’s impossible to tell where Bart is when he points.
2) Bart’s knowledge of geography is unreliable.
3) Bart is a known prankster, he could be pointing anywhere.

So while actual science MAY allow us to locate Springfield, the lack of data prevents it.

Happy Monday.

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