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Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants

6 Mar

_13 Paradigm Daleks

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 13, the Paradigm Daleks.

These guys decided the Ironsides Dalek wasn’t pure enough. So they exterminated him. Now you’ve got to admit, even by Dalek standards that’s a pretty bastardly thing to do to a fellow member of your own race.

Dude, you’re green. We don’t like you! ZAP! Deader than disco.

Like a Bennetton advert these Daleks come in several different colours, so they can’t be accused of being racist. No-one said you couldn’t accuse them of being complete bastards though, did they?

Likely to be fat and chunky, won’t be taken in by Jammy Dodgers. Unlikely to serve you tea, or like your bow tie.
They won’t care if you’re ginger either.

Like all cowards, they travel in a group. Attack the one that talks the most first.
Using a Spitfire is NOT recommended. Fatter than Churchill.

Avoid. Blow their ship up, if possible. Do not buy in toy form.

No more fighting

6 Mar

Just got done writing a highly enjoyable piece of fic based on Red Riding Hood (with my usual SF twist, of course) which weighs in at 1300 words. I really had fun writing it. Once I got the idea, it just caught me so much I had to write the whole thing straight away.

What a difference from the story I started yesterday and fought with for over four hours, not finding an actual ending, only to come up with a resolution once I was in bed (which I had to handwrite & type up this morning). If you can’t write an ending, write a resolution, which is the next best thing.

For after all, we have revisions and editing in which to fix it.