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The first audience to any story

6 Feb

The first person to read anything you write is you.

Before any story ever gets to leave your mind and get onto paper or electrons, it has to pass the single biggest test it’s ever put to.

Do YOU like it? Because if the answer to that question is no, the chances are you’ll never follow through with it, getting it down in solid form. How you tell the story to yourself is equally important as how you intend to tell it to others.

Does it enthrall you? Entertain you? Make you laugh? Make you cry? Make you want to IMMEDIATELY start writing it?
That last one might be the most important question of all. The more a story grips you, the more you’ll not just want to write it but HAVE to write it.

Not many things I’ve written have grabbed me so hard that I had to drop everything and commit them into creation. The ones that do, for me, they’re absolutely killer.

I guess I’m saying this here as a way of explaining to myself what makes me write on some days rather than others.
If it’s helpful to you, or sounds vaguely familiar, go with it.

Where am I now?

6 Feb

Knocked out a short last night whilst online (365 words) then handwrote something in bed in the early hours which I just typed up (548 words).
The ideas aren’t coming thick and fast but when they come and the motivation is there, I’m really getting stuff down and down which is the most important part of writing.

Actually writing and finishing things.

I was then but now I’m not

4 Feb

I started out today looking at an outline for a novel, I was thinking about breaking it down into bits for chapters.

That lasted about an hour, then I had food, then did “stuff” (read nothing) then I had an idea and started writing.

And about an hour or so later I’d finished this weird take on Peter Pan. Quite a unique idea, 1570 words.

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.

1 Feb

3 The_Cult_of_Skaro

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 3, The Cult Of Skaro.

As with all cults everywhere, these Daleks are complete bastards.

They don’t want you to drink the Kool-aid. They just want you to be a pig-slave.

Or to help them create a Dalek/Human hybrid. No romance, either. Tossers!
They’ve got names. But not good names, like Tom, or David, or Matt.

Weird Dalek names like Jast & Sec. Which frankly sound more like sex toys.

They don’t care if you live in the park, they will kill you or enslave you. Which ever moves them closer to getting off Earth. Despite coming here several times, Daleks DON’T like Earth. Magnets upset them. And Earth’s a big old magnet. Which is good for us, and bad for Daleks! Sucks to be you, Daleks!

Likely to use mind-control & human slaves. Cults are bad, m’kay?


Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.

1 Feb

5 Ironside dalek

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 5, the “Ironsides” Dalek.

It ain’t easy being green. This Dalek likes to pretend it’s not a Dalek.
Likely to offer you tea, but no biscuits. No chance of Jammy Dodgers at all with this guy.
What kind of monster offers tea without biscuits? A Dalek, obviously.

Calls itself “a soldier” but ignores leggy redheads in VERY short skirts. Probably gay, hence surrounding itself with many men.

Will build humanoid robot that is mostly a bomb. Will let you hit it with a MASSIVE spanner, once.
This is probably foreplay to gay Daleks. Don’t let the acting deceive you! Or the faux camo bondage gear it’s wearing.
All the hallmarks of a bastard.

Will kill you, the first chance it gets. An actual bastard.


Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.

1 Feb

1 paper daleks

Know your Daleks, a recognition guide for companions & assistants.
Part 1, the “paper” Dalek.

Due to massive job losses on Skaro (caused by Davros killing mostly everyone), economic downturn even effected Dalek production.

As you can see, these Daleks are made of paper. They can STILL hurt you though. Paper cuts are complete bastards. Carry a lighter, set fire to them.

But be aware, where there are paper Daleks, real Daleks aren’t far behind.
Definitely not put up by cheap BBC effects guys. Somewhere there’s a Dalek with scissors & glue, a lethal combination! Paper Daleks can’t kill you but are really annoying. The Dalek version of Terry Wogan then.

Treat with minor caution!