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ALMOST every day

20 Jan

I’m not writing every day. Just nearly.
We’re 20 days into this year, I’ve finished 18 stories.

Not all brand new, from scratch. A couple were unfinished ideas from last year.
It’s a nice way to kick the year off though.

1735 words today.

Scribbling, ever scribbling

18 Jan

Another new story typed up.

1057 words, it wasn’t bad. I’ve written 13 now. 18 days in.

Another one done

15 Jan

Finished the “nightmare” story that started out as little more than 3 lines of text in a notepad.
Best part of a week has passed since I first had the idea.
Made 1428 words out of it, not a great ending but it was only a fragment.

There are still 3 ideas in the notepad and one in my head which I’m probably going to write later.
Possibly not, still debating that right now.

Another rejection

13 Jan

One back from On Spec Magazine this time.
They said no to “Ask For Slim”.

Never mind. There’s always another day.
That’s another story for me to find a home for though.

First rejection this yr

11 Jan

Got my answer back on the F&SF submission.

A no but it was a really good reason.

Thanks to CC Finlay for his super honest feedback, helps me work on my weak areas of writing.

All done writing for today, hopefully

10 Jan

The story I was writing is finished (3301 words) and is about magic. Or not.
Features James Randi in the role he plays best, himself.

I think I was going for a good 4 hrs in the end, over the whole day.

It was an old idea (at least 2 yrs old, that I recall) but had never written down any where, or at least not anywhere I can find it.

It’s done now though, decent end too, I thought.

Kindle stats, even more info!

9 Jan

As I did in 2013, I noted down when I was charging my K3 Kindle (keyboard, wifi only).

It’s now well over 3 years old and still going strong.
These are when I charged it, how long it was charged for & how long the charge lasted for.

Jan 1st – Jan 20th, 20 days (6hrs)
Jan 21st – Feb 25th, 36 days (12hrs)
Feb 26th – Mar 21st, 24 days (12hrs)
Mar 22nd – Apr 21st, 31 days (No charge time stated, assuming 12 hrs?)
Apr 22nd – May 13th, 22 days (12hrs)
May 14th – Jun 24th, 42 days (9hrs)
Jun 25th – Jul 31st, 37 days (13hrs)
Aug 1st – Sep 4th, 35 days (12hrs)
Sep 5th – Oct 6th, 32 days (12hrs)
Oct 7th – Nov 21st, 46 days (No charge time stated, assuming 12 hrs?)
Nov 22nd – Still on going, currently 49 days [was 40 days at Dec 31st] (12hrs)

Last yrs record longest charge length was 10hrs 40 mins lasting 42 days.
That wasn’t the longest time it was charged for, it was just the longest any charge lasted.

I charged the Kindle 11 times in total over the year, it spent 124 hrs on charge, an average of 11hr 27mins.
Last yr it gave me an average of 33 days per charge.

Comparing that to last yr, A average of 24.5 days per charge. It’s an average charge of 8 hours each time.

Ripper, a flash fiction story

4 Jan

Ripper, a flash fiction story by Ray Daley.

It made complete sense, when you stepped back far enough.
It was like one of those images that was only visible from a certain angle.
Of course he’d stopped killing now. Of course the ladies of Whitechapel were safe from harm now.
He’d not vanished off the face of the Earth like many believed to be the case.
He’d simply done his job, and returned home.
Back to America. Back to Lynchburg. The monotony of the brewery.
“Did you have a nice holiday, Mister Daniel?”
“See all the sights that London had to offer?”
“Them, and many more besides,” he smirked.
“Home now though, Jasper?”
“Home and dry. And don’t call me Jasper. You know I much prefer Jack.”

Authors Notes:-

If you check the dates, there’s no reason at all that Jasper Newton Daniel couldn’t have been Jack The Ripper.

1st story sub of the year!

2 Jan

Just submitted a story to C.C. Finlay’s second open call in F&SF.
2nd time’s the charm, hopefully. Got REAL good feedback last time.

Closes Jan 15th if you fancy your chances?

First freebie of the year!

1 Jan or
It’s the 1st ‪#‎free‬ ‪#‎ebook‬ of 2015!
It’s short so there’ll be another in 2 weeks.
If you like it, tweet me @RayDaleyWriter