Kindle stats, even more info!

9 Jan

As I did in 2013, I noted down when I was charging my K3 Kindle (keyboard, wifi only).

It’s now well over 3 years old and still going strong.
These are when I charged it, how long it was charged for & how long the charge lasted for.

Jan 1st – Jan 20th, 20 days (6hrs)
Jan 21st – Feb 25th, 36 days (12hrs)
Feb 26th – Mar 21st, 24 days (12hrs)
Mar 22nd – Apr 21st, 31 days (No charge time stated, assuming 12 hrs?)
Apr 22nd – May 13th, 22 days (12hrs)
May 14th – Jun 24th, 42 days (9hrs)
Jun 25th – Jul 31st, 37 days (13hrs)
Aug 1st – Sep 4th, 35 days (12hrs)
Sep 5th – Oct 6th, 32 days (12hrs)
Oct 7th – Nov 21st, 46 days (No charge time stated, assuming 12 hrs?)
Nov 22nd – Still on going, currently 49 days [was 40 days at Dec 31st] (12hrs)

Last yrs record longest charge length was 10hrs 40 mins lasting 42 days.
That wasn’t the longest time it was charged for, it was just the longest any charge lasted.

I charged the Kindle 11 times in total over the year, it spent 124 hrs on charge, an average of 11hr 27mins.
Last yr it gave me an average of 33 days per charge.

Comparing that to last yr, A average of 24.5 days per charge. It’s an average charge of 8 hours each time.

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