Ripper, a flash fiction story

4 Jan

Ripper, a flash fiction story by Ray Daley.

It made complete sense, when you stepped back far enough.
It was like one of those images that was only visible from a certain angle.
Of course he’d stopped killing now. Of course the ladies of Whitechapel were safe from harm now.
He’d not vanished off the face of the Earth like many believed to be the case.
He’d simply done his job, and returned home.
Back to America. Back to Lynchburg. The monotony of the brewery.
“Did you have a nice holiday, Mister Daniel?”
“See all the sights that London had to offer?”
“Them, and many more besides,” he smirked.
“Home now though, Jasper?”
“Home and dry. And don’t call me Jasper. You know I much prefer Jack.”

Authors Notes:-

If you check the dates, there’s no reason at all that Jasper Newton Daniel couldn’t have been Jack The Ripper.

One Response to “Ripper, a flash fiction story”

  1. henrygame January 4, 2015 at 7:30 pm #

    None, except I have already confessed myself…
    Good post. Very amusing

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