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Apologies to my loyal readers & followers

15 Dec

I’ve been overlooking the blog recently and I’d like to apologise to those who like to read it.
I have been doing stuff, then mostly saying what on twitter.

I’ve been writing bits and pieces. Two things that are unfinished and not typed up, something I started on the computer and haven’t finished. I’m running out of creative steam, it appears.

I’ve made a solid decision on next year, there’s going to be no actual resolution for the first time in 3 yrs.
I’ll keep to the 1 story per month free releases as they are all already written and ready to go (but currently needing covers so Januarys release MAY get delayed!) but this year has really taken it’s toll on me both physically and mentally.

If I were to look at this year in realistic terms, I’ve been balancing TWO resolutions. The Bradbury Challenge and to release 1 free ebook every month. One is achieved, the other has 2 items left to do for me to call it a success.

I’m trying to spend what little free time I have getting the anthology ready so i can release it as quickly into 2015 as possible. Watch this space!

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 50.

10 Dec

Just finished this weeks story, an idea from last year! My take on the darkness behind a simple nusery rhyme, and not a very common one either!

3033 words in total. A bit of a toughie with all the back story but I hope it reads better than it felt to write. At least I’m into the home straight now. Just weeks 51 and 52 left.

Wish me luck. I’ve come too far to fall at the last few hurdles!

I done a story!

4 Dec

Stranger Views published one of my recent flash pieces. Inspired by Terry Pratchett & Robert Rankin, it’s a surrealist piece in the style of a long lost Victorian magazine article.

Click, read, snigger loudly if you want.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 49.

3 Dec

Just finished this weeks story, stayed up to get it done. Despite the VERY sore left eye.

1712 words, an idea from week 39 that I decided was easy enough to finish.

I didn’t totally stick with the original idea but I left the bits I didn’t include for the authors notes.

3 weeks left.

Last free release of 2014!

2 Dec


It’s the final free release of 2014!
If you like it, tweet me @RayDaleyWriter

News on the anthology front!

1 Dec

Anthology stories 41-48 are now proofed. Which gave 23,932 words.

Current book total is now 104,248 words.

Stories 49 to 52 are still to be written. Because those weeks haven’t happened yet, that’s why.
The fact it’s already well over 100,ooo words is making me REALLY happy.

No thoughts on a cover yet but I’m thinking something Ray Bradbury related.
I’ve got to start thinking about a price for it too, my current thoughts are between £3 and £5.

It’s more than double the length of a standard novel, it’s going to be 52 stories. All of which will be original and unpublished anywhere else before this anthology.

I reckon it’s easily worth five quid of anyones money.