Apologies to my loyal readers & followers

15 Dec

I’ve been overlooking the blog recently and I’d like to apologise to those who like to read it.
I have been doing stuff, then mostly saying what on twitter.

I’ve been writing bits and pieces. Two things that are unfinished and not typed up, something I started on the computer and haven’t finished. I’m running out of creative steam, it appears.

I’ve made a solid decision on next year, there’s going to be no actual resolution for the first time in 3 yrs.
I’ll keep to the 1 story per month free releases as they are all already written and ready to go (but currently needing covers so Januarys release MAY get delayed!) but this year has really taken it’s toll on me both physically and mentally.

If I were to look at this year in realistic terms, I’ve been balancing TWO resolutions. The Bradbury Challenge and to release 1 free ebook every month. One is achieved, the other has 2 items left to do for me to call it a success.

I’m trying to spend what little free time I have getting the anthology ready so i can release it as quickly into 2015 as possible. Watch this space!

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