Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 43.

22 Oct

Just finished this weeks story, an idea I had about 4 days ago. I’d written down the outline (quite detailed, long enough to be a short story on its own!) and written 4 lines of basic dialogue which was the end. Then I didn’t feel like writing, and felt I had no decent ideas.

I went with this one anyway, choosing to push through lack of motivation and a low emotional state.

It’s 1551 words and it’s finished. Currently it looks like a crapload of exposition and a shitty rushed ending.
How I’ll feel about it when I come to do more thorough editing is another matter.
At least I’m done for this week.

There’s still “Hesketh Heath” (title still subject to change), which is my attempt at a Jane Austen parody, still unfinished but close to it, still sitting on the desktop with 2 other ideas.

My current lack of motivation says they can both go and fuck themselves sideways with a cactus.
That’s how little I felt like writing today.

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